symbolic computing

symbolic computing
символьные вычисления

English-Russian dictionary of computer science and programming. 2013.

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  • Symbolic Manipulation Program — Symbolic Manipulation Program, usually called SMP, was a computer algebra system designed by Chris A. Cole and Stephen Wolfram at Caltech circa 1979 and initially developed in the Caltech physics department under Wolfram s leadership with… …   Wikipedia

  • Symbolic computation — Symbolic computation, algebraic computation, or, less commonly, symbolic manipulation, symbolic processing, symbolic mathematics, or symbolic algebra, relates to the use of machines, such as computers, to manipulate mathematical equations and… …   Wikipedia

  • Symbolic logic — is the area of mathematics which studies the purely formal properties of strings of symbols. The interest in this area springs from two sources. First, the symbols used in symbolic logic can be seen as representing the words used in philosophical …   Wikipedia

  • Symbolic link — In computing, a symbolic link (also symlink or soft link ) is a special type of file that contains a reference to another file or directory in the form of an absolute or relative path and that affects pathname resolution. [… …   Wikipedia

  • Symbolic simulation — In computer science, a simulation is a computation of the execution of some appropriately modelled state transition system. Typically this process models the complete state of the system at individual points in a discrete linear time frame,… …   Wikipedia

  • Computing the permanent — In mathematics, the computation of the permanent of a matrix is a problem that is believed to be more complex than the computation of the determinant of a matrix despite the apparent similarity of the definitions. The permanent is defined… …   Wikipedia

  • Symbolic method — In mathematics, the symbolic method in invariant theory is a highly formal algorithm developed in the 19th century for computing form invariants mdash; invariants of algebraic forms. It is based on repeated applications of the Omega process… …   Wikipedia

  • Symbolic Stream Generator — The Symbolic Stream Generator (or SSG) is a software productivity aid by Unisys for their mainframe computers of the former UNIVAC 1100/2200 series. SSG is used to generate RUN Streams (corresponding to IBM s Job Control Language), apply and… …   Wikipedia

  • History of computing hardware — Computing hardware is a platform for information processing (block diagram) The history of computing hardware is the record of the ongoing effort to make computer hardware faster, cheaper, and capable of storing more data. Computing hardware… …   Wikipedia

  • Timeline of computing hardware 2400 BC–1949 — History of computing Hardware before 1960 Hardware 1960s to present Hardware in Soviet Bloc countries Artificial intelligence Computer science Operating systems Programming languages …   Wikipedia

  • Optical computing — Today s computers use the movement of electrons in and out of transistors to do logic. Optical or Photonic computing is intended to use photons or light particles, produced by lasers or diodes, in place of electrons. Compared to electrons,… …   Wikipedia

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